Princess Joelle looked out of the window of her room. Like every morning, tens of gardeners and maintenance men were working on the beautiful gardens and splendid buildings which made Faberge Palace world renowned.


Clouds swiftly passed by as the palace drifted across the skies, as it had every day for the last thousand years. No one knew when and how it started floating and since then, on the first of every month, the elder council of the kingdom gathered, trying to think of the best destination to land the palace in.


Councilmen and citizens frequented the meetings, each sure that he or she had found the best location, but still every suggestion was rejected by the council. All but one. In the last month, a rumor had been spreading around the kingdom about a decision being made. The princess, as excited as everybody else, looked at the skies trying to guess the destination.


After a few days she gave up, closed the curtain, and took the stairs to the gardens. Her feet carried her to the goldfish pond, where she sat for hours. Suddenly she noticed a wavelet in the water, spreading to the sides. Slowly, the wavelets grew and grew, and the palace gently descended to the ground.


The princess looked in wonder, losing track of time. She woke up after a few minutes, as the palace softly touched the ground.


The princess slowly stepped up to the gate to the garden, and as she went through she saw that the palace was in the midst of an orchard. At the far end was a small sign, on which she read a word in a language she never encountered before: Israel.